We are glad to announce you that HostSlick just launched Dedicated Servers in The Netherlands using its own Hardware.

The Datacenter is the Lelystad Mediatoren in The Netherlands.  Its a ex. TV Tower which was re-built to a Datacenter in 2018.    Your Netherlands VPS and Dedicated Servers are very high in the Sky and also protected from water flood risk.  

The telecom & datators in Lelystad are on the west side of the city of Lelystad, Netherlands and have a beautiful view over the Oostvaarders Plassen. This tower from 1975 has a height of 161 meters. To give the port area of ??the city a little more impetus, the tower was 'highlighted' in March 2014 and became a real beacon in the landscape.

The tower is not open to the public, In 2007 Cellnex bought the tower and 23 other telecom & data towers from KPN. Cellnex built a data center in this tower in March 2018 and since then several companies have stored their data in this Tower, including - HostSlick.com!

Its a big step for HostSlick to offer Dedicated Servers using Hardware we own.

This includes HP/Supermicro and Dell Servers. For Networking we use Juniper Switches.   All Servers include Pure SSDs and  Voxility DDoS Protection! 

Our smallest Dedicated Server Plan starts at only $50/month which equals as low as 45€/month!  Including 500GB SSD, 8GB RAM and Intel XEON Quad Core CPU.     We got high spec Dedis aswell for cheap!  More Plans and configurations are coming with time.

Why not check them out and try them?  https://hostslick.com/dedicated-servers

Contact our Sales here: [email protected]

 More Specs about the Datacenter:
450 kVA total capital
 Power supply via A and B Feed
 PUE value <1.2 (+ - 1.12) most efficient in the Netherlands!
 Green electricity via 100% NL wind
                                                                                  Direct free air cooling
                                                                                  Temperature on data floor 20-27 ° C
                                                                                  ....and much more to provide you with the best Servers possible!

If you have any questions, dont hestitate to contact us!


Saturday, September 28, 2019

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