HostSlick has recently migrated its Premium SSD cPanel WebHosting to a new Panel called DirectAdmin.
Our Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server client base is continously growing, we decided to setup more WebHosting Nodes now as well.
Since DirectAdmin is also the more cost effective for us, it enables us to contiune offering 15€/year SSD WebHosting Plans.

As you maybe know cPanel/WHM has released a high cost increase for their Licenses which charges 0,20€ per account per month additionally to their increased base prices, which also would mean a price increase for our Clients.
We however did decide to not use cPanel/WHM anymore and offer our clients the not only better but also as mentioned more cost-effective and simpler Solution. DirectAdmin.

DirectAdmin has a similiar User-Interface, which looks more simpler and in our eyes, easier to use for our clients. Its not overwhelmed with loads of unnecessary features but the ones you will need to manage your Projects at the most easiest way.

We are now offering 50% Recurring Discount until 31.10.2020 for all our Shared Hosting plans for you to try out DirectAdmin!

That means, that the 15€/year plan will only cost you 7,50€/year recurring!  Check our plans here:



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HostSlick Internet Services

Friday, September 25, 2020

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