We wish you, your business partners, family and loved ones a very nice and successful 2021
Happiness, peace, tons positive emotions and good business!

2020 has been a successful and brutal year for us as well!
No one ever can stop us. We  have done a massive expansion.

What we archived in 2020 so far:

- Own Network and Cisco Core-Router setup.  Running on our own feeds.
- Multiple additional Racks.
- Network Upgrades
- arround 300% of growth on customers and active services total.  (Yes its true! We are glad to say!)
- Now Hosting hundreds of Dedicated Servers

What will come in 2021? What does HostSlick plan in 2021?

- AMD Ryzen VPS and Dedicated Servers in The Netherlands
- Intel XEON E3v5 and newer, i7,i9 Dedicated Servers
- Core-Router/Network Upgrades, adding more carriers
- Maybe we can double amount of servers? We will see! (We are motivated people!)

We would like to note that Covid will not be able stop us to contiune expand!
Neither will our Support be affected, as we stated before in March 20, 2020 here.
We are here for you in the difficult times.
We understand that Datacenter Infrastructures are one of the most important infrastructures in the pandemic.
We are a financial very healthy company and our Business is going well.

Maximilian and the whole Team thank you so much for being part of HostSlick.com customer base!

Lets Rock this new year!

Kind Regards,
HostSlick Internet Services

Friday, January 1, 2021

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