Hostslick hereby informs you that it has changed the payment terms and invoicing a bit.

Currently invoices are generated 7 days before due date and services need to be (if not contiuned) cancelled 7 days before the due date.
Recently we have noticed that 7 days is not enough for some customers to make this decisions.
Invoices get forget to get paid within the 7 days and then clients receive late fees.

This is to prevent such.

We have decided that invoices will now get generated 14 days before due date and discontiuned services need to be cancelled 7 days before due date.

That means you will now receive your invoices 14 days before your service next due. Instead of 7 days before.
3 days before Due date there will be a Reminder as usual. Overdue Services invoices will be suspended 2 days after being past due/overdue.
There are no changes for this.
The 7-days cancellation before due date will also stay the same.

As mentioned, this decision was made in order customers have more time in making decision and pay the invoice and prevent the late fee's.

Nothing else will change.

This is just to inform our clients,


If you are having any questions regarding this, do not hestiate to contact us or reply to this E-Mail.

Kind Regards,
HostSlick Internet Services

Sunday, January 24, 2021

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