Dear valueed customers,

Unfortunately since PayPal Business does hold all payments of new PayPal accounts for 21 days, we are switching back to 2checkout to accept your PayPal Payments.
Our PayPal account is 4 months old now and due to the high amount of cashflow we got told, that all payments to our PayPal are held 21 days before we can withdraw so.

PayPal does refuse to higher the limit of transactions we can receive without being held for 21 days. 
We offered them to provide even more documents about our Company. But their Staff are telling us that this limit is normal for new accounts.
We will not accept this and are going for other solutions. - In this case going back to 2checkout!

Back in April 2021 we have moved away from 2checkout to Paypal directly due to the higher fee's.  
Since PayPal started doing above, we where in talks with 2checkout and now will go and move back to 2checkout Payment solutions.

We came to a new arrangement with 2checkout and are happy to announce we will now again start processing payments for PayPal and Credit Cards via 2checkout!

What does that mean for you as our customer?

HostSlick will cancel all current existing PayPal subscriptions till no later then 7. August 2021.

If you have a active subscription and your invoice is due after 7. August 2021, then you need to re-subscripe on your invoice via 2checkout.
For this you just select "PayPal/Credit Card subscription"  or "PayPal/Credit Card" on your invoice.

If your invoice is due before 7. August 2021; your PayPal account will be charged as usual and next billing period you need to re-subscribe as said above.

If you use a other Payment method to pay us:  no action needed!

If you make a new order after 1. August 2021; no action needed.   Until we will disable PayPal suscriptions on 7. August 2021 and going over to 2checkout, we have activated PayPal one time payments.


Please do not hestitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this!




Kind Regards,


HostSlick e. K.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

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