We thank all of our client to be with us! You are always welcome here!

Please read the Notice in full as there might be some extra addon for Free for your service :)!

This Notice is regarding the following Services: Dedicated Servers, Colocation.
All others like Shared and VPS Hosting are not affected (yet).

First of, we have to inform that our datacenter power supplier announced a price increase from 0,19€/kwh to 0,29€/kwh for power due to the ongoing situations in Europe.
The power prices are raising ever in Europe since last year and now with Russia:Ukraine case, sanctions and cold war etc. (gas, oil prices also affect power prices) the
topic is more dominant now, affecting more and more companies and has hit us today as well.

A price change on active services has never occurred before. Never ever since HostSlick exists.
But, as energy prices surge, this has left us with no choice but to raise the rate of
our products. As a result, the price of the existing Dedicated Server packages will
increase with 9€.

What does this mean for your services?

When any of the packages listed above, renews on or after April 13.
2022, the created invoice will cost 9€ more.

Example: you have a Dedicated Server for EUR50 per month that renews on or after April 13.
The change will be in effect starting and will be billed as EUR59.

Our mission is to provide competitively priced but high quality services in
state-of-the-art data centers. However, balancing price-performance
ratio in the current uncertain state of the world is not effortless.

This tough decision is led by the volatility of energy-price and has not
been made lightly. We are thankful for your support and appreciate your
understanding. We will continue to offer you high-quality, flexible, and
affordable IT infrastructure.

Talking about balancing price-performance and state of the art datacenters and offering the most qualitative service, HostSlick always has more capacity in their
network then used to always ensure highest network quality. And as said, we always want to offer our clients the most competitively priced
services. This is where we had the idea to balance it also out for you as a client.
Since Bandwidth does not put the cost up for us like Power and being said, we have more capacity then used to cover everything, we will now offer double bandwidth
on all Dedicated Servers.

Now what does this mean again?

Normally our Dedicated Servers include by default 25TB and in the past has cost like +40€ more for additional 25TB (total 50TB).
Recent months we have added more transit providers and worked on improving our network where also this prices have lowered.

In the future you will have 50TB included on every dedicated server instead to also give you as the client more worth of service for the power increase and balance the power increase out for both sides.

You have a Dedicated Server with the default bandwidth package. 1Gbit port and 25TB Bandwidth. In future you will have 50TB Bandwidth starting after or on 15th April.
If you want to be upgraded before to your new 50TB total bandwidth, please OPEN A TICKET.

Another Example:
You have a Dedicated Server where you have booked additional 100TB of Traffic - Contact our Support to make a new Bandwidth deal, you might be as well eligible for double. Means 200TB instead.

Should you also have other questions, please do not hestiate to contact us.

We hope to manage and drive trough this ongoing crisis in the World well with you as our client and hope to make the best out of it.
We except the power prices to go lower again after the crisis is over in a year or so. In this case, you have our word, we will adjust the price back down.


Thank you for understanding!


Kind Regards,

HostSlick e. K.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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