HostSlick - Update to our last E-Mails -> Price increase is now applied

**THIS IS A NEWSLETTER E-Mail sent on 23. October 2022 to our clients**   Dear clients, as per our last E-Mails on 30. September 2022 and 9. October 2022 we have announced a price increase of 15% due to the sky high inflation and sky-rocketing energy and power increases.You can view the E-Mails in our announcements again, if you have missed ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2022
Newsletter 09.10.2022 - Our recent Email about Inflation and the Survey

  **THIS IS A NEWSLETTER E-Mail sent on 9. October 2022 to our clients**     This is a update to our last E-Mail from 30.09.2022. This E-Mail was sent to all customers on 9.10.2022you can view the last E-Mail from 30.09.2022 here in our announcements. -------------We have made a Survey to our customers. If you would particpate, we would ... Read More »

9th Oct 2022