This is a update regarding https://hostslick.com/clients/announcements/40/HostSlick---moving-Payment-gateways.html

We have posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, that we are moving away from 2checkout and Credit Card payments are not accepted while we are moving.


Credit Cards are now accepted again trough a new payment processor that is providing better prices.
As mentioned in our last Message, we have left 2checkout due to them raising prices for us. I
Other payment processors have been providing us better prices.

It was not worth the additional 1000USD/year 2checkout now wants for processing payments for Hosting Companies.
That was the reason our managment decided to process payments elsewhere.

Since 2012 we have processed Payments for PayPal and Credit Card via 2checkout.  
For Credit Cards we will now use CCBill and Mollie.
For PayPal, we do now have a PayPal Business account.

Additionally, we are soon looking to accept Apple-Pay as well!

Now we are accepting a whole lot of payment methods for our customers which we are listing:

Payment Methods
Credit Card
SEPA Bank Transfer



Thank you for your patience in this matter. This Email has been for information purposes for customers use to pay via Credit Card.


Kind Regards,

HostSlick Internet Services


Monday, April 19, 2021

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