Notice regarding Paypal payments

Dear customers, due to our payment upstream 2checkout is now switching their Model and adding additional fees to PayPal, we have decided to directly acceptPayPal using our PayPal Business account.This does mean that PayPal is now directly accepted and not anymore trough 2checkout.We will however contiune to accept Credit and DebitCards via ... Read More »

4th Apr 2022
Important notice: Power Prices increase in Europe

We thank all of our client to be with us! You are always welcome here! Please read the Notice in full as there might be some extra addon for Free for your service :)! This Notice is regarding the following Services: Dedicated Servers, Colocation.All others like Shared and VPS Hosting are not affected (yet). First of, we have to inform that ... Read More »

29th Mar 2022
REMINDER: Important notice regarding HostSlick PayPal subscriptions and payments

  This is a short update about our latest announcement regarding the move from PayPal to 2checkout! This is interesting for you, if you pay your current invoices via PayPal. That was our latest ... Read More »

7th Aug 2021
Important notice regarding HostSlick PayPal subscriptions and payments

Dear valueed customers, Unfortunately since PayPal Business does hold all payments of new PayPal accounts for 21 days, we are switching back to 2checkout to accept your PayPal Payments.Our PayPal account is 4 months old now and due to the high amount of cashflow we got told, that all payments to our PayPal are held 21 days before we can withdraw ... Read More »

1st Aug 2021
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