REMINDER: Important notice regarding HostSlick PayPal subscriptions and payments

  This is a short update about our latest announcement regarding the move from PayPal to 2checkout! This is interesting for you, if you pay your current invoices via PayPal. That was our latest ... Read More »

7th Aug 2021
Important notice regarding HostSlick PayPal subscriptions and payments

Dear valueed customers, Unfortunately since PayPal Business does hold all payments of new PayPal accounts for 21 days, we are switching back to 2checkout to accept your PayPal Payments.Our PayPal account is 4 months old now and due to the high amount of cashflow we got told, that all payments to our PayPal are held 21 days before we can withdraw ... Read More »

1st Aug 2021
GDPR/DSGVO Cookie Consent

Hello, please note that we are using a new Cookie Consent Banner Tool to comply with Data Protection laws.Should you receive any errors on our website, please contact our Support immediately.Please read more about it at you can also find how to revoke your given permissions. If you got any other questions ... Read More »

8th Jun 2021
Changes in HostSlick invoices and payment terms

HelloHostslick hereby informs you that it has changed the payment terms and invoicing a bit.Currently invoices are generated 7 days before due date and services need to be (if not contiuned) cancelled 7 days before the due date.Recently we have noticed that 7 days is not enough for some customers to make this decisions.Invoices get forget to get ... Read More »

24th Jan 2021
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