HostSlick e. K. (AS208046) is excited to announce that this month we setup own DWDM Fiber to NIKHEF in Amsterdam and yesterday
we just
have added CDN77 (AS60068) to our IP Transit mix via this interconnection.

We have chosen CDN77 as addition to our network after much increased demand of traffic worldwide.

They are also a great partner for us as they have excellent global routes and many POPs.

A short overview of why we chose for CDN77 (AS60068) as additional IP Transit in our datacenter:

80+ Tbps global network
- More then 34 POPs worldwide in every continent
- Global coverage with local routing
- Zero packet loss and no network saturation
- Last mile quality monitoring
- Directly connected with 16 other transit providers
- Direct access to hard-to-reach and eyeball networks/ISPs (examples are Comcast, Telekom, Telefonica, UPC, Swisscom and Orange)


Adding CDN77 to our mixed IP Transit really helps HostSlick with its recent growth as a player in the global hosting market.
To ensure the best quality, we have mixed this new transit with our other transit provider to make sure you always get the best routes and quality as well as lowest latencies possible from everywhere.

Last but not least some extra features of this new transit partner:

DDoS protected network against attacks up to 2tbit
DDoS protection available in all 34 POPs
Unmetered DDoS mitigation with no bottlenecks


HostSlick will be able to offer 2Tbit Anti-DDoS Protection against any Layer3/4 attacks on its services.


Now almost 80% of our customers are outside of The Netherlands and they are really happy about the way we offer our global solutions from our Netherlands Datacenter with extensive and great routes to Amsterdam and global IP Transit as stated above.

If you have any questions regarding it, let us know

We thank all of our customers to be and expand with us! You are the best!


Kind Regards,
HostSlick e. K.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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