**THIS IS A NEWSLETTER E-Mail sent on 28. September 2022 to our clients**

We want to reach out to our clients regarding the current situation in Europe: The Ukraine War,  Power price increases and the sky high inflation.
As you know, the energy prices are sky-rocketing because of the import stop of Russian gas. Alot of Gas in recent years was used to turn into cheap power.
Now with the War in Ukraine it was stopped. The energy prices gone sky high.

The prices in the last month for power was skyrocketing and high more then 1000€/MWH in August. (August 2021 was arround 100€/MWH!).

This is one of the main reasons for inflation in Europe. It affects any country here and turning up prices for anything!

Even recently some Hosting Providers have increase prices of 10-40%! Which is a massive amount while peoples already suffer on other price increases.

In the next time we want to update you regarding our Situation.  We have had a power price increase in March 2022 from 0,19€/kwh to 0,29€/kwh in both Lelystad and Almere, which was a delayed effect of the Corona-crisis.
Until end of the year we are at 0,29€ in Almere Datacenter and until March in Lelystad 0,29€.     

This will change soon in the new year 2023.

From our Datacenter we got incremental updates regarding the situation, so we update our customers as well!

The last update for October 22 to get a expectation was 0,45€/kwh. -  As said we are until end of year 0,29€/kwh.

The Optimal scenario is that the prices do only double of up to 0,60€/kwh. In this case we do not plan to forward the additional prices to our customers.
Currently, as of writing the Email we really hope something between 0,45 - 0,60€/kwh.

However, should it be higher then 0,60€/kwh, then ANY service will face a price increase of 10-30% depending on the power price.

We are doing our best to not forward any costs to our customers to protect them from additional price increases they are already facing in their daily life. 


ANY provider will face this. The big and the small. It just depends when the contract of a company ends. Most will expire end of the year. So most other datacenters and providers will have to increase their prices. We will all know by end of this year.

You may already see it happen in any Industry. Including the increased amount of bankruptcies.

With this email we wanted to give a short situation update. We will update once we know more and have made a new pricing with our datacenter partners later this year.

And finally again, we try as much as we can to not increase your price!

We will update you.


Thank you for understanding.

Friday, September 30, 2022

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