**THIS IS A NEWSLETTER E-Mail sent on 9. October 2022 to our clients**



This is a update to our last E-Mail from 30.09.2022. This E-Mail was sent to all customers on 9.10.2022
you can view the last E-Mail from 30.09.2022 here in our announcements.

We have made a Survey to our customers. If you would particpate, we would be thankful as we want to find out how our customers are feeling currently!

You can go to the survey here:  https://forms.gle/fVfcYJDP3cqqjuyj7

Regarding this last Email from 30.09.2022 i want to share the newest news from HostSlick regarding the Power Prices and Inflation Newsletters.
We may soon have great news which will make us able to not make any price increases in the future due
to power increase and eventually lower costs to you again later in Q2/2023.
I as the CEO been brainstorming along on solutions for you.

What has happened since our last E-Mail?

We have reached out to numerous datacenters to compare our current pricing. We have found one in NL where we got a really awesome deal for our own Private Cage/Room!
The pricing is better in overall as well as a bit lower power price which will not increase. This could let us save multiple thousands per month alone on traffic, power and colocation costs while having our own Private Suite with 22 Racks! So instead of having many Racks spread in multiple Locations in the datacenter(s), we could also have everything under our own Roof. And even offer Colocation to up to 47U Racks with 10G port and (still) a competetive power

In the end of this scenario, we could save as many cash to not forward the power price increase to our customers. We could eventually as well de-crease pricing again later. As well as contiune offering
very awesome deals, which is one of our Company Missions.  But that all is for the future and not clear yet. Its not official yet.

This would include the migration of all Equipment in 2023. But its only going to happen if they give it to us on paper what they have offered.

The routing would not change very much, we still would have our CDN77 uplinks because the DC has DarkFibers to NIKHEF as well and also eventually add Voxility and Combhaton for inbound as well.
The pricing even on Traffic would be cheaper in this location. (Many factors here also: x-connects, interconnection/Wavelengths, etc etc count into traffic prices)
Here we would be able to Offer you UNMETERED on all dedicated servers by default included as we would be able to get more Capacity for a bit less of cash.

Once its official, we expect in End October or Mid-November and all is planned (or not) - We will update you again regarding our deal and what will happen (or not happen)!
We are dealing with the new Datacenter operator and planning a (eventual) migration. They have enough people to make it in few hours.

If you got any questions or so in meanwhile. Let us know.


As said, we will be transparent in the current times in situations for you as the customer to offer you the best service, pricing and productportfolio we can.


thank you!


Kind Regards,
HostSlick e. K.


Sunday, October 9, 2022

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