**THIS IS A NEWSLETTER E-Mail sent on 23. October 2022 to our clients**


Dear clients,

as per our last E-Mails on 30. September 2022 and 9. October 2022 we have announced a price increase of 15% due to the sky high inflation and sky-rocketing energy and power increases.

You can view the E-Mails in our announcements again, if you have missed it.
E-Mail/Announcement from 30. September 2022 here
E-Mail/Announcement from 9. October 2022 here


As we wrote in our E-Mails, the increase will be applied to us on 18. October 2022. Due to some delays because of alot of tasks last week, we had some delay.
The price increases where applied today now 23. October 2022.

Website prices for new Orders where already applied before 18. October 2022.

All invoices generated after 23. October 2022 are being generated with the new price update.

You can see your new pricing here  at "Products/Services" in our Client Area.

We except no further price increases till at least 2024 for now. Should there be any changes, we will let you know.

We thank you for understanding and being a client of us.

Kind Regards,

HostSlick e. K.


Sunday, October 23, 2022

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