**THIS IS A NEWSLETTER E-Mail sent on 21. December 2022 to our clients**

HostSlick and its subsidaries are committed to keep you updated about the recent things.

this is a update to our last Newsletters regarding the high Energy prices and recent price increases.

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In our last Newsletter we have informed all customers about a Datacenter Migration taking place end of January.
We will have a exact date beginning January. We will inform all customers when it will happen and what will be the time-frame.

We expect as said a downtime of 8-12hours when it happens. All will be migrated. Same IP adresses same everything. We will migrate our whole network. There is no need to worry for you as customer.
IPs will stay all same.
Its best however to make backups once you know the exact date from us.

In last days we have already planned against everything. We will make a whole new cabling for the Racks, pre-cable everything in the new location, so we only need to Rack the hardware to get you back online ASAP in our new Datacenter location.
HostSlick will do anything and everything and plan against any situation that may occur. We have alone ordered 50+ fiber cables for any length, mode etc.   Our Technicans will clone some switches to have replacements if anything should happen during migration.   

We already decreased the price for new Dedicated Server orders to the price before 2021/2022 here
to have new customers not being affected for now. Once the migration done end of January, we will decrease pricing for existing customers.
Additionally to that exisiting customers will receive a FREE Unmetered Upgrade on their dedicated servers for going with us through this time! Because as said in our new location, we will have the technical possibilities for cheaper bandwidth as well!

As said we are giving with this another reminder/notice for End of January.

Another update is coming. We will update you regarding this.,

If you have any questions regarding that, please let us know by opening a Ticket.

We also want to wish you stressless, awesome and enjoyable Christmas holidays. In next few days we might have some promotions as well!

Thank you for understanding and for being our customer.

Kind Regards,


HostSlick Internet Services


Saturday, December 24, 2022

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