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this is a update to our last Newsletters regarding the high Energy prices and recent price increases.
We have informed you last times about us moving datacenters.
We want to inform you that its happening - finally. Read more under in this newsletter

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Since September 2022 the inflation and energy price increases have been worse.  We have been hit hard with numerous price increases this year.
Last but not least the power pricing going from 0,19€ to 0,65€/kwh - with already having HIGH traffic and colocation costs in the current locations.
In the current Datacenter in Almere and Lelystad we are paying 400€/gbit for connectivity which is not very attractive as well. The reason for this are transport costs to the Amsterdam metropol area where the transit/upstream providers are located at.  Now the Power prices are very high as well.  To be short.

You may read the above old newsletter where we have informed you. We also had to raise prices in October/November to not make loss.

As we also then informed in the later newsletters, we have dealt with a other Datacenter in Netherlands which offers more attractive prices then the current. 

Read here and  here.

We have meet a deal with a Datacenter in Limburg, Netherlands and contracts are being signed. 

This is to inform you that we are moving all Racks from Almere and Lelystad over to the new facility on 30. January 2023.

Whats basically happening that starting arround 11:00 CET on 30. January 2023 we will start un-racking Servers at the old Datacenters, load our Trucks/Transporters  and drive to the new Facility.
There will be two teams - One Team showing up in Lelystad and one Team will show up in Almere.

We expect arround 2-2,5hour for unracking and another 4-6 hours for racking servers in new facility until we are back online.
The new facility and our Corridor of Racks is prepared so we just need to Rack the Hardware and connect it again.  (pre-cabling is done!)

IP Adresses will stay same because we are running our own BGP Network and routers. There is no need to worry. Its just like a "Downtime" - just servers being moved.
Servers bascially go offline for some time and pop-online again. Nothing to do from your side.

We have enough people to handle the datacenter re-location within the day. We have prepared for any case, setup additional routers, switches,  purchased extra equipments, cables etc. in case something should break during move.
Im, as the owner will also be there with  a own Transporter to support staff and drive between the locations.
I will be located near the new Datacenter and not leave until everything is back online. I have rented a appartement 4minutes from the new Datacenter for the whole week and will build up my office equipment there to control the situations and can guarantee to have everything going well.

We still recommend you to take your regular backups before 30. January 2023.

We will as well try reach everyone via Social Media, will update you via a Blog (Hopefully with some pictures - depends) you will find on our Website during move and will send another Reminder in 1-2weeks.

In our new facility we can offer you much much more attractive server deals. After the migration we plan to expand with 10Gbit Dedicated Server portfolio, Storage Dedicated Servers and last but not least we plan on wave the Bandwidth limits on dedicated servers, meaning that every dedicated server will include 1Gbit Unmetered by default (no 50 or 100TB limits anymore).  - More info later this year.

Whats also happening after the migration/re-location is, we will send you another Email with instructions how to claim compensation for this one day.

There will be another email in 2 weeks before everything starts. Thank you for your support and for understanding.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.


Kind Regards,

M. Kutzner


Friday, January 6, 2023

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