this is a reminder for you that our Datacenter Re-location of Lelystad, NL and Almere, NL  is taking place on 30th January 2023.
You can read all last announcements/emails about this here.

Its going all as planned and we are in final stage and going to move all Racks on 30. January 2023.

We have enough people to  handle both locations at same time to migrate all our Racks to our new, more cost effective and better Datacenter in Limburg, Netherlands which
will enable us to offer you much much more attractive server deals. After the migration we plan to expand with 10Gbit Dedicated Server portfolio, Storage Dedicated Servers and last but not least we plan on wave the Bandwidth limits on dedicated servers, meaning that every dedicated server will include 1Gbit Unmetered by default (no 50 or 100TB limits anymore). - More info later this year.

As we have notified in the recent announcements said above, costs in the old Locations (especially Almere) are exploding and recently the power price going due to energy crisis in europe to 0,60€/kwh while we also have to pay 450€/ per Gbit of Traffic on average.
This means that there was no way arround for us then moving our Racks to a other location. You can either have one: Cheap traffic but expensive power. Or cheap power and relatively expensive traffic. Unfortunately the situation in Almere is, that everything is expensive.

Our new Datacenter we have 80-100€/Gbit average after all cross-connect and connectivity costs and are on 0,19€/kwh until 2026 locked.
We expect that the energy crisis in Europe will relax until then.
This means there will NOT be any price increases anymore like some of you may have experienced during 2022. But better deals.
Recently the power prices (at least on spotmarket) are going down and we see some Datacenters in NL which are buying their power on the spotmarket (daily rate) are back at 0,26€/kwh as well. So the energy crisis situation is already relaxing.


For more explanation, if you have missed it, please read the last announcements on WHY the move is happening.


Bellow you have a time-line on what is happening.
Support Staff is available during the migration of the Datacenter and here to update/answer any tickets.

Date Time Discription
26.01.2023 16:00:00 16:00 Arrival of Team HostSlick in Limburg, Netherlands,  check in at Hotel. 
27.01.2023  11:00:00 Preparations in the new DC in Limburg.
28.01.2023 10:00:00 Going to the old Datacenters. Last preparations to move off in Almere and lelystad
29.01.2023 - Sunday - Time free for preparations and eventual unexpected events
30.01.2023  10:00:00 Meeting with the new Datacenter guys in Lelystad at 10:00 CET and starting to migrate in Lelystad and Almere same time. Starting at 10:00 CET
30.01.2023  20:00:00 arround latest 20:00 - 21:00 CET we should have the migration completed. Everything should be back Online and normal.
31.01.2023 12:00:00

Last Optimizations in the network/datacenter. Solving eventual problems (if there are unexpected ones). Cleaning up etc. Communicating with the customers. Solving the last tickets etc.

01.02.2023   12:00:00 Check out at Hotel.  Going to datacenter and doing things. Leaving off.


As said in last Emails. Your IPs do NOT change. We run our own ASN, Network and Core-Routers. So the Services will just pop up online again once the Servers are mounted in the new location and BGP Session is up.


We will reach out on arround 2. February by Email again regarding compensation and/or update.


thank you for your business and understanding,


Kind Regards,

HostSlick Internet Services


Friday, January 20, 2023

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